Stealing back my mini-moments

I was called to the Principal's office a few years ago, also known as the Executive Boardroom. The Commissioner wanted an update from the design team for a key transformational program I was working on. During the meeting, I took out my phone and wrote some salient points in the 'Notes' app. Frowns and glares... Continue Reading →

Conflict isn’t a 4 letter word

Walking through the front door of the office you can already hear them. They're in the kitchen, cup of coffee in hand, voices beginning to raise to volumes that make them them noticeable in the rooms at the other end of the corridor. One has a whiteboard marker in their right hand, feverishly scribbling on... Continue Reading →

The Not So Simple Shift

These days it seems like every man, woman and their selection panel want to to talk to you about change. You can bet your life savings there will be at least one question in your next interview about it. Change Management - it certainly is having its day in the sun right now. Leaders will... Continue Reading →

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