8 Lessons From My Kitchen

There's a reason humans crave repetition and structure, relying on habits to get us through life's challenges. It feels good. It feels comfortable. We like it and it serves a purpose. But there is merit in being uncomfortable. If you follow 'Growth Mindset' theory, you'll be familiar with the concept that for humans to truly... Continue Reading →

Lessons from News Fatigue

I've been tossing up what to post during this time, which can only be described as "unprecedented". That's a word Australian's have heard a lot of already in 2020, and I'm not sure it packs as much punch as it used to. I feel like everything is 'unprecedented' at the moment. There is no 'normal'... Continue Reading →

The 3:15pm Switch

As a young child growing up in Australia, I learnt that after the heat of a scorching summer's day, a southerly buster would usually blow in around 3:15pm and bring with it a torrential downpour. I know the time sounds rather specific, but that's when school finished and it was always a 50/50 chance you'd... Continue Reading →

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