Stealing back my mini-moments

I was called to the Principal's office a few years ago, also known as the Executive Boardroom. The Commissioner wanted an update from the design team for a key transformational program I was working on. During the meeting, I took out my phone and wrote some salient points in the 'Notes' app. Frowns and glares... Continue Reading →

The Rule of 3

Podcasts help make a dull car trip a little more exciting, help to educate me on a range of topics I've never heard of and make me think a little differently about the world we live in. Listening to a recent episode of MamaMia Outloud, the hosts were discussing the 'Rule of Three'. I was... Continue Reading →

The Awkward Silence

Silence… . . . That awkward gulf of emptiness between two people during a conversation… . . . It kills me. I’m not very good at surviving the uncomfortable moment when a conversation stalls. For as long as I can remember I have always jumped in to fill the gaping chasm of nothingness that forms... Continue Reading →

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