Rise of the Hidden Skills

Two years ago, so Facebook Memories tells me, I took a holiday to Fiji and read a book in a hammock by the ocean (those were the good old days). The book, "Year One" by popular novelist Nora Roberts, was the first in her new trilogy and centred around the rise of dark magics following... Continue Reading →

The potential in under-thinking

There’s nothing like a birthday to get you reflecting on all the things you’ve accomplished in the past 365 days and dreaming about the amazing things you could potentially set as your goals for the next year. I penned a list of the things I was brave (or stupid enough) to have a crack at... Continue Reading →

The Art of Forgiveness

There were monkey bars in the playground at my primary school. Old fashioned steel ones where the brightly coloured paint had cracked and peeled, having been baked to a crisp by the hot Australian summer sun. Those monkey bars were often too hot to hold onto or too rough on the palms of your hands... Continue Reading →

Talking about failure

So often we hear stories of success - the big wins, the risks and rewards. We write them on our CVs, we talk about them to colleagues at conferences, they are published in journals and they are the subject of performance and salary negotiations. But if everything goes right, what is there to learn? Oset... Continue Reading →

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