Lessons from News Fatigue

I've been tossing up what to post during this time, which can only be described as "unprecedented". That's a word Australian's have heard a lot of already in 2020, and I'm not sure it packs as much punch as it used to. I feel like everything is 'unprecedented' at the moment. There is no 'normal'... Continue Reading →

The Hon. J. Bishop

If you were a smart cookie, for 3 days leave you could achieve an awesome run of 10 days off over the Easter break. For me, this gave way to an excellent opportunity for a road trip. Cue belting out the greatest hits of the late 1990s during car karaoke, having a diet that every... Continue Reading →

Other people’s behaviour

A long while ago I read a meme on Instagram or Facebook that said something along the lines of, “Once you start to see people’s behaviours as an extension of themselves rather than a reflection of you, you start to live”, or something like that. It was social media, so I moved past it to... Continue Reading →

HEADSPACE – You need it

I had a lengthy and rewarding  conversation with a Unit Commander this week about the challenges of leading a Unit in the every-changing NSW SES landscape post Organisational Transformation. On top of a full workload, running a Unit can sometimes like a full time job and then some at the moment. In thinking about the... Continue Reading →

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