The Not So Simple Shift

These days it seems like every man, woman and their selection panel want to to talk to you about change. You can bet your life savings there will be at least one question in your next interview about it. Change Management - it certainly is having its day in the sun right now. Leaders will... Continue Reading →

Tipping your boat

I came across a wonderful quote over the weekend. "She tipped the boat to get me to swim". The presenter was speaking about how a friend sparked her transition from someone worried extensively about what others thought, to someone who focused on winning her own race. It's a wonderful analogy. Closing my eyes, I can... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary

Today it rained. I had a meeting with my boss and had to cut my budget by 4%. I don’t know how I am going to tell Julian that he can’t buy biscuits for the tea room anymore. For lunch, I ate a sandwich from the café and then I talked to Georgina about a... Continue Reading →

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