Your image is powerful

During the training sessions I have been running recently, I speak about the importance of wearing the appropriate attire when working in incident management roles. For most, this will be a uniform, but for non-uniformed personnel this is likely to be ‘office attire’. Looking around the room you can see some confusion about what I... Continue Reading →

I am #046

A large fluffy microphone arches in front of me, dangerously directed towards words that will tumble out across the airwaves, answering intriguing and thought provoking questions from my single companion inside a tiny box... Recently I was invited to take part in an interview on a podcast called ‘Highcast’. The podcast is hosted by David... Continue Reading →

Surviving an Organisational Cyclone

I am the worst person when it comes to team building activities. I hate them on principle. One of two things usually happens: I end up going so far into my introvert shell when faced with the prospect of a team building activity with new people that I become clinically mute. I get the s*^ts... Continue Reading →

The Art of Forgiveness

There were monkey bars in the playground at my primary school. Old fashioned steel ones where the brightly coloured paint had cracked and peeled, having been baked to a crisp by the hot Australian summer sun. Those monkey bars were often too hot to hold onto or too rough on the palms of your hands... Continue Reading →

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