Surviving an Organisational Cyclone

I am the worst person when it comes to team building activities. I hate them on principle. One of two things usually happens:

  1. I end up going so far into my introvert shell when faced with the prospect of a team building activity with new people that I become clinically mute.
  2. I get the s*^ts with the lack of leadership shown by the group that my inner teacher comes out and before you know it I am commanding the group to invade a small country.

I’m pretty good at juggling the smaller stuff without breaking a sweat, but I need some help when the wheels don’t just fall off the organisational wagon, they are speedily removed in an intense car-jacking like moment when least expected. And whilst I’m not a fan of team building activities, I do know that they have an important time and place in leading a team through adversity.

When faced with an organisational cyclone, the answer for leaders is to go back to basics…

Go back to what you know…

Go back to the core purpose of why you do what you do…

Rewind to the most important part of your command – the people.

At your next meeting, scrap the planned training, or the discussions on member availability or the development of doctrine documents and make your meeting fun. Focus on strengthening the connection you have with one another. Let the laughter in.

Your people are your most essential resource. If you invest in them when they are dealing with the fallout of an organisational cyclone, they will continue to invest in your team and are more likely to stick with you towards the calmer waters in the future.

Leadership Challenge – Find a team building activity that doesn’t suck to run with your team this week and give it a go. To kick start your research, head to Mark Collard’s You Tube channel and check out the playlists from his company ‘Playmeo’.

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