Measuring Your Success

Flying back to Sydney the other day, my travel buddy, Greg, and I were talking about Hurricane Katrina. I had visited the museum when I was in New Orleans not too long ago and the images I saw, the stories I read, will live on with me. The lessons I learned as I walked through... Continue Reading →


My favourite household chore is doing the washing (hang with me here, there is a point, I promise). Taking something dirty and rumpled from the washing basket and putting it through the machine, before hanging it out to dry and air in the warmth of the sun and the cool of the breeze, and then... Continue Reading →

Landing in the mud

I went hiking in the Blue Mountains this past weekend. It was a gorgeously crisp and clear day, without being freezing cold. I used to go to the Mountains for holidays when I was a kid, so an Autumn Sunday was a lovely flashback to fun my brother and I used to have as kids.... Continue Reading →

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