The Hon. J. Bishop

If you were a smart cookie, for 3 days leave you could achieve an awesome run of 10 days off over the Easter break. For me, this gave way to an excellent opportunity for a road trip. Cue belting out the greatest hits of the late 1990s during car karaoke, having a diet that every... Continue Reading →

Fire the “Laser”!

When is an idea so silly that it actually makes sense? The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have recently joined forces with 3 universities to come up with innovative and effective ways to clean the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Top of their list? Lasers! When developing potential courses of action to solve problems, its normal to... Continue Reading →

The potential in under-thinking

There’s nothing like a birthday to get you reflecting on all the things you’ve accomplished in the past 365 days and dreaming about the amazing things you could potentially set as your goals for the next year. I penned a list of the things I was brave (or stupid enough) to have a crack at... Continue Reading →

Landing in the mud

I went hiking in the Blue Mountains this past weekend. It was a gorgeously crisp and clear day, without being freezing cold. I used to go to the Mountains for holidays when I was a kid, so an Autumn Sunday was a lovely flashback to fun my brother and I used to have as kids.... Continue Reading →

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