Fire the “Laser”!

When is an idea so silly that it actually makes sense?

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have recently joined forces with 3 universities to come up with innovative and effective ways to clean the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Top of their list?


When developing potential courses of action to solve problems, its normal to think about all of the usual options available to us. But there’s also merit in thinking outside of the box because it could just be exactly what you need and it may be achievable after all.

You never know what could happen, if you only ever think of what has happened before..

It’s time to launch our problem solving outside of the atmosphere, not just outside of the box!

Leadership Challenge: During your next team meeting, allocate 10 minutes to brainstorming all of the potential options for solving a simple problem. Encourage your team to think of as many crazy ideas as possible. Don’t overthink the problem, maybe it’s what to have for lunch today, or how can we move an item from one side of the room to the other without touching it with your hands? Bonus points for the craziest answer that works!

To read more about how the RMS plans to use lasers, check out this article:

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