Am I emotionally intelligent?

When you apply for a new job you may be asked to undertake an EI (EQ) test – Emotional Intelligence. The test is designed to gather information how well you will work with others, your ability to use non-verbal cues to read situations and make assumptions on how you will likely work through challenging personnel... Continue Reading →

HEADSPACE – You need it

I had a lengthy and rewarding  conversation with a Unit Commander this week about the challenges of leading a Unit in the every-changing NSW SES landscape post Organisational Transformation. On top of a full workload, running a Unit can sometimes like a full time job and then some at the moment. In thinking about the... Continue Reading →

Unconscious bias

At the moment I am coordinating several recruitment activities for the Zone. Combining that with the recent experience of applying for jobs during the organisational transformation, this week I have been reading on the challenging concept of ‘unconscious bias’. Unconscious, or hidden, bias is defined as 'a normal human prejudice' about people or groups of... Continue Reading →

What are your values?

We can all probably recount the values of the organisation easily when asked, thanks to the nifty little acronym TARPS. But have you thought about your own personal values?  It sounds easier than you think. Values are important in helping us navigate difficult problems, when dealing with challenging people and when making decisions that will... Continue Reading →

Cheers for a champion…YOU!

I listened to a great podcast last week on the power of self-talk. It looked at the psychological benefits of talking to yourself as if you were your best friend. Sometimes we can be twice or three-times as hard on ourselves when working through a problem as we would to a friend or colleague who... Continue Reading →

On the nose!

Pondering ‘wicked’ leadership problems recently, I considered what the strangest problem someone has ever come to me about when dealing with a team mate. It struck me, I’ve had 4 separate conversations about body odour being an issue in a team and how to manage the conversation the leader needs to have. Although it seems... Continue Reading →

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