When nuts become leaders

This is one of my favourite leadership lessons and I think about it constantly when I hear of new initiatives in the NSW SES. Sometimes it’s not important to be the “leader” of the change. Sometimes it is more valuable to be the first follower. As Organisation Transformation continues to change what we know, remember... Continue Reading →

Above and below the line

This short YouTube video on above and below the line leadership traits gives me a lot to think about at the moment. Change is hard to navigate sometimes, especially when you're leading others through that change too. I can identify some actions and thoughts that haven't made the 'above the line' grade recently. Instead of... Continue Reading →

Talking about failure

So often we hear stories of success - the big wins, the risks and rewards. We write them on our CVs, we talk about them to colleagues at conferences, they are published in journals and they are the subject of performance and salary negotiations. But if everything goes right, what is there to learn? Oset... Continue Reading →

Fighting the war on age

Recently, I was asked to give advice on a complaint related to age discrimination. The focus of the claim was that older members were not allowing younger, less experienced members a chance to go out on the truck and complete jobs. I found this “reverse discrimination” interesting to watch unfold as the complaint was investigated... Continue Reading →

Recovering from a verbal slip up

Context. Without it, your simple statement can take on a life of its own. It can twist and turn, hurt and burn, not just the recipient of your comment, but you too. No-one is perfect thought, and since information is the currency of the 21st century, you can't help but find yourself talking about other... Continue Reading →

How to win an argument

Life is never smooth sailing, especially when passionate and enthusiastic people come to together to share in something they feel very strongly about. Sometimes, conflict can not be avoided. People are afraid of arguments, but in fact a good argument, one that is respectful and logical can actually lay the foundation for amazing innovation and... Continue Reading →

Stepping into inspiring leadership

Traditional images of a leader used to be the military general, the ballsy yet popular politician or the hero of a disaster situation. Typically they were white, middle aged, educated men, with a razor like wit, quick thinking decision making skills and a chiseled jawline to boot. But is that what a leader looks like... Continue Reading →

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