Unconscious bias

At the moment I am coordinating several recruitment activities for the Zone. Combining that with the recent experience of applying for jobs during the organisational transformation, this week I have been reading on the challenging concept of ‘unconscious bias’.

Unconscious, or hidden, bias is defined as ‘a normal human prejudice’ about people or groups of people. It’s sometimes referred to as a ‘first impression’ or your intuition about other people. It comes from our own situations, our cultures, our childhoods, our families and our experiences. You can’t control your unconscious bias towards other people, but you can be more aware of its potential influence over your decision making and reactions to certain events or people.

You can read more about Unconscious bias from the Australian National University in their short article on the different types of discrimination that occur without us even realising it. Also included in the article is a link to a Harvard University site that allows you to test your own unconscious bias. It’s free and well worth the short time it takes to complete.  


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