Why good leaders make you feel safe

I often hear people refer to the NSW SES as their second family. In building a team we often look upon members as another family unit. In this week’s post, Simon Sinek talks about what makes a great leadership. In one example he asks, would we punish a family member for coming home with a below average grade?  Or would we provide them with support and help in order to improve? It’s an interesting concept when we are faced with challenging people in our team, or our Units.

Simon also suggests that a great leader is someone who makes their people feel secure, who draws them into a circle of trust. But creating trust and safety — especially in an environment of great change — means taking on big responsibility.

This video runs for about 12 mins, but it zooms by. Grab a moment for yourself, sit back and watch and see if anything Simon talks about resonates with your leadership journey.

One thought on “Why good leaders make you feel safe

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  1. Very nice read , being a huge fan of Simon myself this did resonate with me..

    “Together is Better” is a wonderful book of Simon wherein he has emphasized being in teams where trust reflects on the members because of a leader who makes other feel safe by putting team before self.

    The other big reason I like this concept o leadership is as Simon says this has existed from caveman times when people used to elect ALPHAS for first choice of meat and mate.
    Great leaders making followers feel safe is a concept that does resonate with me…..


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