The healthy side to workplace laughter

As I write this week’s post my colleagues in the office are sitting in the lunch room in rapturous hysterics. The giggles have quickly turned to full snorts and gasps for air, the room now peppered with the sounds of table slaps and bursts of single words being said from faces streaming with tears that trigger off another round of frenzied laughter.

Laughter is an important part of life and something has an amazing effect on the morale of the people involved. A good bout of the giggles can turn a tough situation into something that we can process and deal with more positively.

It brings to mind a great debrief session I had with the Bega Unit leadership team not too long ago. I won’t steal their thunder but it involved a fire, an evacuation, and a member of the public who decided a naked swim to the flood boat was his best option. What was a difficult and challenging evacuation situation soon became the source of laughter and future folk lore for the Unit.

The below article from the City University of Seattle speaks to the benefits of laughter and includes some links to other workplace humour articles. There are also some laugh hacks too.

As a leadership challenge this week – how can you include a laughter moment in your muster meetings?

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