The Rule of 3

Podcasts help make a dull car trip a little more exciting, help to educate me on a range of topics I've never heard of and make me think a little differently about the world we live in. Listening to a recent episode of MamaMia Outloud, the hosts were discussing the 'Rule of Three'. I was... Continue Reading →

The Do-Over

Ever wish you could go back and have a Do-Over? Rewrite a part of your history? Change the decision you made, err on a different side of caution, think before you leap? Thinking back, I wish I could have a do-over of the time I didn't get caught shop lifting from St Vincent de Paul.... Continue Reading →

Tipping your boat

I came across a wonderful quote over the weekend. "She tipped the boat to get me to swim". The presenter was speaking about how a friend sparked her transition from someone worried extensively about what others thought, to someone who focused on winning her own race. It's a wonderful analogy. Closing my eyes, I can... Continue Reading →

An Appetite for Risk

Risk is the biggest meal of all when it comes to incident management. As each stage of the planning, preparedness, response and recovery cycle blends into the next, we focus on risk; undertaking analyses, developing matrices and discussing mitigation strategies. We even refer to an Incident Controller's ability to accept a level of risk as... Continue Reading →

Death by email

She was ticked off. Really angry and frustrated. Having just spent 2 days compiling a report, pouring over raw data and turning it into something meaningful, she had just been told it wasn’t needed. Not only was it not needed, the work had been done by someone else…last week. It wasn’t so much the wasted... Continue Reading →

The Procrastinating Elephant

Every workplace has one. An elephant in the room so to speak. A job or project that needs completion but no one wants to do it. It’s passed around like a hot potato, usually to the newest recruit, who stares at it in terror, with no idea on how to start. The issue then loiters,... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary

Today it rained. I had a meeting with my boss and had to cut my budget by 4%. I don’t know how I am going to tell Julian that he can’t buy biscuits for the tea room anymore. For lunch, I ate a sandwich from the café and then I talked to Georgina about a... Continue Reading →

Are you an ass?

You know what they say - when you assume something, you're making a 'ass' our of 'u' and 'me'. So are you an ass? I recently caught up with a friend I hadn't seen for a while and we were reminiscing about how we became friends. Whilst we have much in common, there are significant... Continue Reading →

When Siri calls 000

Wearable tech is at the forefront the next generation of personal communication devices, giving us access to the internet, social media channels and each other 24/7. It was inevitable that a telecommunications company would develop an algorithm to enhance our public safety too. Enter the Apple iWatch's capability to detect that you have fallen and... Continue Reading →

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