Landing in the mud

I went hiking in the Blue Mountains this past weekend. It was a gorgeously crisp and clear day, without being freezing cold. I used to go to the Mountains for holidays when I was a kid, so an Autumn Sunday was a lovely flashback to fun my brother and I used to have as kids.... Continue Reading →

Surviving an Organisational Cyclone

I am the worst person when it comes to team building activities. I hate them on principle. One of two things usually happens: I end up going so far into my introvert shell when faced with the prospect of a team building activity with new people that I become clinically mute. I get the s*^ts... Continue Reading →

Am I emotionally intelligent?

When you apply for a new job you may be asked to undertake an EI (EQ) test – Emotional Intelligence. The test is designed to gather information how well you will work with others, your ability to use non-verbal cues to read situations and make assumptions on how you will likely work through challenging personnel... Continue Reading →

Cheers for a champion…YOU!

I listened to a great podcast last week on the power of self-talk. It looked at the psychological benefits of talking to yourself as if you were your best friend. Sometimes we can be twice or three-times as hard on ourselves when working through a problem as we would to a friend or colleague who... Continue Reading →

When nuts become leaders

This is one of my favourite leadership lessons and I think about it constantly when I hear of new initiatives in the NSW SES. Sometimes it’s not important to be the “leader” of the change. Sometimes it is more valuable to be the first follower. As Organisation Transformation continues to change what we know, remember... Continue Reading →

Above and below the line

This short YouTube video on above and below the line leadership traits gives me a lot to think about at the moment. Change is hard to navigate sometimes, especially when you're leading others through that change too. I can identify some actions and thoughts that haven't made the 'above the line' grade recently. Instead of... Continue Reading →

Talking about failure

So often we hear stories of success - the big wins, the risks and rewards. We write them on our CVs, we talk about them to colleagues at conferences, they are published in journals and they are the subject of performance and salary negotiations. But if everything goes right, what is there to learn? Oset... Continue Reading →

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